ThePitCrew Sim Racing Rules and Regulations

These are our rules and regulations for our sim racing leagues, events and championships.
Rules and Regulations

    The following rules and regulations are mandatory for racing in any of our sim racing events, leagues and/or championships.

    Ethos’s ethos is to ensure that every driver is having a good experience with clean, fair and competitive racing. Our rules are in place to ensure that all of our drivers drive to this ethos and anyone driving outside of the following rules and regulations will face the consequences accordingly.


    We highly recommend you turn on auto-saving of your replays in the respective game of which you are racing in as we will not be able to provide replays at the end of every race and it is on the driver to ensure that they have the replay available for reporting use.

    A fellow community member may be able to supply one for you although we recommend that you do not rely on this; instead ensure you are saving replays.

    Server Information

    All information regarding the servers for the races will be posted onto our discord server. This is the place to get live updates and notifications regarding our races, a permanent link can be used to join our discord here:

    Driver Information


    Signups are to be done via the required application on the post detailing the information for the leagues, at the moment these consist of:

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    • Leagues – Raceapp is used to track signups to our league events.
    • Special Events/Endurance Races – A valid account is required on our website for you and your teams to sign up to our Special Events and Endurance Races.

    Note that when using Raceapp, we have no control of your personal data, so please read their terms and conditions.

    Assetto Corsa

    All of our Assetto Corsa signups are handled via the Assetto Corsa Server Manager software.


    We employ a strict policy of attendance to ensure that when our leagues fill up, everyone has the chance to race and we only accept those drivers that are able to attend at least 90% of the races. This is always listed as a requirement when signing up and the following rules apply to sign-outs.

    When unable to attend an event, you must open a ticket in our “raise-a-ticket” channel on discord – this is a mandatory requirement for all of our leagues. You have until 24hours before the event to sign out from the event you are attending.

    If you have an emergency and therefore are unable to sign-out of the event, you have a grace period of 24hours from the event end date and time to notify us of why, otherwise the following rulings will be applied:

    Failed to attend or sign out from one event
    Banned from ALL events in the current season, including any special events.

    Failed to attend or sign out of two events in succession
    Banned from ALL events in the current and next season, including any special events.

    Failed to attend or sign out of three events in succession
    Banned from ALL events for the next 6 months.


    The following incident categories determine the severity of the incident, based on how much an impact on another drivers race. Our race stewards will use these categories to handle the outcome of the report.

    Minor – Minor incidents are incidents that have little or no impact on the other drivers’ race, these will most commonly result in a warning or a minor penalty to the reported driver.

    Moderate – Moderate incidents are incidents that have directly influenced the outcome or another drivers race, these may result in points, position penalties or qualifying bans.

    Major Incidents – Major incidents are incidents that impact multiple drivers, could have been avoided or are a blatant disregard to our ethos and may result in a race ban/league ban.

    Extreme Incidents – Extreme incidents are incidents that are blatantly disregarding our ethos, have an attitude of no-fault and no-learning from such incidents and prove that you are not racing to our ethos, these may result in a permanent ban from our community.

    Any violations not handled in the below rules will be handled on a case by case basis dependent on the situation and the attitude of the parties involved.


    Simulation racing isn’t inherently built to be a contact sport, although with close racing comes sometimes unavoidable accidents. The following rules help to mitigate if such a thing should happen:

    When a driver has caused another driver to lose a position due to contact or forcing them off track, you MUST give that position back.



    Defending is one of the most crucial parts of simracing and is something that is very contested. To ensure the rules are fair for every driver and to allow for competitive racing, the following rules are in place:Only one defensive move can be made per part of track, with no movement within a braking zone to change line.

    Pulling in-front of a car behind just before the braking zone and slamming on the brakes (brake checking) is deemed unsafe, any accident caused by this will be the driver aheads fault.

    If a driver moves off the racing line whilst ahead and wishes to rejoin the racing line, they must leave a cars width from the edge of the track.


    Attacking is the second side of the double edged knife in simracing and causes just as many accidents as defending. To ensure that defenders know what to expect, the following rules are in place for battling cars. ( Only applied to cars fighting for position ).

    If there are multiple cars wide around a corner, all drivers must drive the corner with enough room for all cars to get around. Any line deviation causing an accident will be looked into on a case by case basis.

    Any accidents caused by turning in, or extending and crossing into the other driver is entirely the car who made the move’s fault.

    Drivers who are not alongside the car in-front by the time the end of the braking zone is over, are deemed “dive-bombers” and any forceful entry onto the apex by the car behind is entirely the car behinds fault.

    Any car who corrects their line during a braking zone, for example from the middle of the track to the outside of the track is held responsible if there is a car on the outside.

    Blue Flags

    The blue flags rules are in place to ensure all drivers of every skill level are able to compete in an event that does not cause any friction between drivers.

    When given a blue flag, you must maintain your racing line and remain predictable and not defend the pass, it is the lapping cars responsibility to overtake. If a lapped car is being held up by the car in-front it may un-lap itself as long as the car in-front is not within 3 seconds of the car ahead of its position.

    Lapping cars may flash their headlights to get the attention of the car ahead and it is the lapping cars requirement to ensure that any pass made is predictable and well communicated.

    Track Limits

    All drivers are required to keep their cars within the track boundaries, these are usually defined by a solid white line, however the following rules are still in effect.

    In-built penalty systems will be used where possible to ensure that drivers keep within the white lines, these will be forced to 2 wheels inside the lines where possible.

    Certain sections of the track may be “cut” to avoid a penalty, at this point the driver making the cut must ensure they arrive back in the same position or if not possible, a position behind where they were.

    Every effort must be made to ensure that the driver does not deliberately leave the track unless there is no other way to avoid an accident.


    Headlights are only to be used to warn backmarkers and for night/day time driving, the following rules are in place to protect drivers and if reported, can be punished.

    Flashing the headlights to attempt to “distract” a driver is a reportable offense and any driver caught doing so can be reported.

    Headlights in the daytime CAN be turned ON but only for multiclass events.

    Headlights in the night-time ALWAYS have to be turned ON unless otherwise turned off by the games automatic systems.


    Qualifying rules are also report-able, anyone found to be not adhering to rules will receive the same punishments as could be found in the race dependent on reports.

    Drivers not on qualifying laps/flying laps must give way to drivers who are, drivers on qualifying laps are always the priority on the race track and no blocking or “weaving” across racing lines should be done by drivers who are on out laps.

    Do not attempt to “race” other cars in qualifying during qualifying laps, find space to be able to do your qualifying lap with enough of a “buffer” of time between yourself and the cars behind and in-front.

    Do not stop under any circumstances on the driving line/braking zones, pull over to the side of the track/enter the pit lane if there is any issues with your lap.


    When reporting other drivers for incidents/breaches of the Rules and Regulations within our races, the driver reporting must make sure they have a replay or video evidence on hand, without this evidence your ticket may be closed.

    If we (ThePitCrew Stewards) find that continued reports from a driver to be of neither parties fault, warnings will be given to the reporter. This is subject to a 3 strike policy and as such, after three false reports from the reporting driver, they will be removed from the league in which the reports have taken place or penalties assigned to that driver.

    Post-Race Incident Reporting Procedure

    To report an incident after the race, please reporting it in our discord server at channel #report-an-incident, you have 72 hours (3 Days) from the race end date and time to report an incident, anything submitted after that will not be investigated.

    Click the reaction to open a “Steward Report”.


    You must then provide the following information, if no information is posted within 24 hours, your ticket will automatically be closed.

    League and Race Number:
    Other Driver Name:
    Other Driver Car Number (if available):
    Lap number:
    Corner Number and name (if known):
    Description of the incident:
    Link to evidence:

    The evidence can be EITHER/BOTH of the following:

    • A replay containing the incident, shortened to only contain the incident if possible.
    • A video showing the following:
      • A POV from the drivers’ cockpit camera with inputs.
      • A POV from the offending drivers’ cockpit camera with inputs.
      • A chase camera from BOTH drivers.

    Once we have received a report we (ThePitCrew Stewards) will confirm with yourself that we have everything required to make a decision on the incident, if we do not we will ask you to provide further evidence after confirmation has been received a final decision will be posted within a week.

    Live Stewarded Races

    To report an incident during our live stewarded races, please type the driver which you believe to have caused an incident into the game chat, game chat IS NOT to be used for general chit chatter during the race, this is to allow us to keep track of all the incidents, they will then be judged according to the rules above by the live stewarding team.


    image 4
    Example of a live-stewarding report

    Required Applications

    Assetto Corsa

    Required applications for our sim racing championships are listed in our Top 5 free apps for Assetto Corsa post, #5 is recommended but not required, the rest are required.