ThePitCrew - Recruitment

Help us shape the future of ThePitCrew by joining in one of our teams, all positions are voluntary and if you can’t commit, don’t worry, just being in the community and supporting us with your time and positive energy is enough!

Stream Team

Do you have a keen eye for replays or do you just love watching along with races and want to provide a second TV camera angle? What about providing your voice for co-commentary, technical or play by play? Or do you just want to interview drivers after the race?

Let us know, we’re always looking for new hands!

Stewarding Team

Want to get involved in ensuring that our community stays “the cleanest community I’ve ever encountered”*, if you have a few hours a week spare, or want to take a break from racing but still want to help out the community, this is the perfect team for you!

*Real Review from our Season 6 survey.

Moderation Team

Want to ensure our discord and twitch is as clean off-track as it is ontrack? Get involved with our moderation team, requirements are that you must be an upstanding member of our community and are able to ensure members are following the rules, you help ensure that new drivers feel at home.

Content Team

Want to get involved in creating content for our social media, pre-stream shows, trailers or otherwise?

Want to write articles, create video trailers or generally produce text/image/video content? This is the team for you, we’re looking for creators and editors!