2.4H of SPA – 31st October 2020 – Assetto Corsa Competizione Multi-Class

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Race Date: 31st October 2020


Once signed up, join our DISCORD for server information and check-in when the announcement is posted in the respective channel!

Halloween Special – Skins to be Halloween themed!

One week after the 24hrs of Spa, and to celebrate “Halloween” we’ll be running a 2.4hr race around Spa for our monthly endurance right through the night, this should be right on the edge of what a single driver can handle, so will be open to single drivers as well as teams!

We ask everyone if they’re doing skins, in-game or custom to try and do “Halloween themed skins”.

Spa needs no introductions to the racing community and being a week after the 24hrs everyone should know the track inside and out! This will, of course, be a multi-class race as it was last month, but with the added requirement of having to select which class you’ll be competing in beforehand!

Be sure to read our rules and regulations before entering and ensure that if you are signing up you are agreeing to attend the event, anyone signed up and not providing a prior warning for not attending the event will be banned from future events and leagues.

Race Date

Saturday 31st October 2020 at 17:00 UTC.

Race Day Timings – UTC

Practice: 17:00-17:30
Qualifying: 17:30-18:00
Race: 18:00-20:24

Car Classes Allowed

All car classes are allowed to attend this event, turn up in the car you wish to drive.


1165px Spa Francorchamps of Belgium.svg
By Will Pittenger – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7699160

Weather Information

Temperature: 19C Ambient
Weather Randomness: 3
Time Multiplier: 2 – NIGHT TIME RACE.
Race Start Time: 22:00 (10 PM) Ingame Time

Pit / Stint Rules

Mandatory Pitstop Count: 1
Mandatory Tyres: No
Mandatory Swap Driver: No
Mandatory Refuelling: Yes
Mandatory Fuel Length: Yes

Assists Rules

Stability Control – Disabled
Auto Steer – Disabled
Auto-Lights – Enabled / User Preference
Auto-Wipers – Enabled / User Preference
Auto-Engine Start – Enabled / User Preference
Auto Pit Limiter – Enabled / User Preference
Auto-Gear – Enabled / User Preference
Auto-Clutch – Enabled / User Preference
Ideal-Line – Enabled / User Preference


Skins are to be uploaded in .zip format to the following link, anything not submitted before the end of the 24th of October WILL NOT be accepted.


Current Signups for this Event - 45 / 50

This table does not refresh instantly, please refresh the page to see any updates

The following numbers are reserved for subscribers to our Twitch Channel:

3 4 13 23 27 36 49 661

Registered Drivers

CarDriver #1Driver #2
#1Paul Cook
#3Ram Ram
#4Terry Farish
#5Steve Sloan
#12Stephen SmithThiago Alves
#14Ahnaf Zabee
#15Michele Occhionero
#17Dylan Griffiths
#20Minh Truong
#24nvuyg dorlaz
#26Jacob White
#31Mark Mayers
#33Antony Pellicano
#35Christian Mayercallum casey
#36Lewis Bloomfield
#46Naser AlAli
#49Dean Bedding
#55Dominik FeketeZoltan Bedo
#60Andrew Walters
#67Owen Jones
#69Gervasio Sousa
#70Georg Siebert
#73Andreas Schwerin
#74eelco hoogeveen
#77Christophe Schelfthout
#83Henrique Baltazar
#93Julien Landry
#94Gabriel Lessa
#98Callum Bethell
#101Phillip Cowey
#127Bjorn DurandMatthias Borsodi
#140Alessandro Melfa
#199Tommy Sketchy
#255Dennis OlssonMarcus Sjödell
#273David Adams
#420Andrey UgarovBingus McBongus
#444Dennis Quottrup
#511Ismael Kobus
#527Matteo Passetti
#666Tomáš BočákMartin Repka
#669Sven Klein
#711Peter Foldesi
#748Joao Victor PeixotoAdrian Ciborowski
#911John Doe