Solo Multiclass Open Series

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

We’ve built a brand new, race dashboard,, that will allow for you to get involved in all of our racing here at ThePitCrew!

Check it out here!

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A new format of league for ThePitCrew, allowing drivers who cannot usually attend every race in the calendar a chance at being involved in our championships!

Open to single drivers, this series is aimed at allowing everyone to enter the grid, no pre-qualifying, no attendance requirements, sign up and race, with championship points available for every race you participate in and winners based on where you finish in each race!

It’s as easy as logging in and clicking the signup on the left and signing up for the rounds you want to participate in, you can switch cars as many times as you want or even classes, your position in class will count towards your points for the championship and you’ll also gain PitRating based on who’s on the grid!

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