2022 Endurance Series

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

We’ve built a brand new, race dashboard, PitSkill.io, that will allow for you to get involved in all of our racing here at ThePitCrew!

Check it out here!

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Welcome, to the first endurance series from us here at ThePitCrew, 5 races, 5 separate tracks, 27 hours of racing, sign up to one, or all the events and see if you can hold on to the title until the end of the year!

[IMPORTANT] – Requirements for Championship Standings

If you are wanting to compete for the championship, you must sign up for every event with the following being the same:

  • PRIMARY DRIVER (Team Manager on SGP)
  • CAR

Failure to do so, will not award you any points and may result in you losing the chance at prizes.

It does not matter who is in your team throughout the championship, just the above, so if you’re looking to compete in the championship, sign up to EVERY round when you’re signing up to one.

[IMPORTANT] – Signups

Signups are listed in the ROUNDS tab instead of the button on the left, this is due to us not hosting signups on the website, you must sign up to EACH RACE INDIVIDUALLY.

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